“Why Is It Surulere?” – Vector Shares Tips On How To Succeed In The Nigerian Music Industry | WATCH

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Vector has shared some tips on how to succeed in the Nigerian music industry and the importance of exercising patience before it happens.

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In an episode of the Switch On Podcast which was uploaded on Adaora Lumina’s Instagram page on the 2nd of April, Vector spoke on the need for musicians to exercise patience in order to get to succeed in the music industry. He talked about how he struggled to come to terms with the fact that people felt he wasn’t going to make money as a rapper in the Nigerian music industry. He said;

“All my life, I feel like I’ve struggled to me. I’m in Nigeria where I’m rapping and people say you know say this thing no go sell. Dem tell you say the only to do with rap na to sell? I struggled with that for long. You are too intelligent. Your grammar is too much. You speak too much. It’s so limiting…. Whereas I have a lot to let out of me.”

Vector went further to explain why being patient can reap good fruits in the music industry. He spoke from a personal angle;


I’ve done ten years in the industry officially. And I’ve met people who when I was rapping they were 10 years old, and nobody could allow them do anything. But now they are the 20-year-olds who have the buying power. I won’t just tell you it’s patience or surulere. The question is why is it surulere?. If you are patient you will enjoy the benefit like when you say the patient dog eats the fattest bone… break it down.”

Vector went into details on how being patient and being dedicated over some time can yield positive results.

Watch Vector speaking on the importance of exercising patience (surulere) as an artist below;


Source: Notjustok.com

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