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It’s another aggressive sound from the most consistent & multi-talented Plateau & Nigerian top leading indigenous music icon “CRAIG-B GUMWESH”. He titled this one “BWOOR” Meaning “A LION”. In his musical expression, he described “A BWOOR” as a wild fire (WUUS), a symbol of strength, courage, protection & absolute power. A lion roar to communicate it’s position to other prides & is the loudest of any big cat & can be heard up to 8 KM. “BWOOR” doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep.
We the indigenous people of Plateau belong to a world outside the realm of society & culture, destined to dominate & lead.
The MWAGHAVUL MAN is seen as a lion that hunts for survival in the jungle who does not envy the one being fed in zoo, because it’s only a lion that recognizes a lion roar.
As a plateau man, you rather live 1 day as a lion, than 100 years as sheep. So are you going to be A LION or A SHEEP? A LEADER or A FOLLOWER.



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